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Eurovision song contest 2008

The Eurovision song contest 2008 entrants

A record number of 43 countries will be represented at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest and for the first time, the contest features two Semi-Finals.
  • 20 May - First Semi-Final
  • 22 May - Second Semi-Final
  • 24 May - The Final
Here are the next six entrants in alphabetical order.

Flag of Poland Poland
Semi-Final (1)

Performer: Isis Gee
Song title: For Life
Song writer(s): Isis Gee
Song composer(s): Isis Gee

It's the 13th time that Poland participates in the Eurovision Song Contest and also this year, Polish TV organised an entertaining national final with lots of different musical styles. With no clear favourite beforehand, it was Isis Gee singing For Life that managed to get the highest votes from the combined mix of televoting and jury voting.



Flag of Portugal Portugal
Semi-Final (2)

Performer: Vânia Fernandes
Song title: Senhora Do Mar (Negras Águas)
Song writer(s): Carlos Coelho
Song composer(s): Andrej Babić

Vânia Fernandes enjoyed a landslide victory in the Portuguese national selection, and will represent Portugal in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with the song Senhora Do Mar (Negras Águas)

Flag of Romania Romania
Semi-Final (1)

Performer: Nico & Vlad
Song title: Pe-o Margine De Lume
Song writer(s): Andreea Andrei & Adina Şuteu
Song composer(s): Andrei Tudor

Nico & Vlad managed to win the Romanian final earlier in February and are now happy to present their native country.

Flag of Russia Russia
Semi-Final (1)


Performer: Dima Bilan
Song title: Believe
Song writer(s): Dima Bilan & Jim Beanz
Song composer(s): Dima Bilan & Jim Beanz

With his unique talent and exceptional abilities, vocal sensation Dima Bilan attracted the world’s attention in May 2006 when he represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens. Dima was the hunk who took the honorable second place, conceding only to Finland, with a remarkable stage performance of his song Never Let You Go. After that, the Forbes magazine couldn’t but settle Bilan on the top of the rating of most popular Russian celebrities.

He sings his song Believe in this years contest.



Flag of San Marino San Marino
Semi-Final (1)

Performer: Miodio
Song title: Complice
Song writer(s): Nicola Della Valle
Song composer(s): Francesco Sancisi

The band Miodio formed in the winter of 2002 and consists of five members: Nicola Della Valle (lead vocals) Paolo Macina (Guitars) Andrea Marco Pollice "Polly" (Bass and Programming) Francesco Sancisi (Keyboards and Programming) and Alessandro Gobbi (Drums).



Flag of Serbia Serbia

Performer: Jelena Tomašević feat. Bora Dugic
Song title: Oro
Song writer(s): Dejan Ivanović
Song composer(s): Željko Joksimović

Jelena Tomašević will carry the hopes of the Serbian nation in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. Jelena has a tough act to follow after Marija Šerifović's victory in Helsinki, but will be hoping she can make it two victories back to back for Serbia with the song Oro.



Have a listen and let me know what you thought of them.

I've given my  first impression as a comment.
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