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Mom came home from hospital last Friday. She's on some different tablets and is sort of doing okay. She had a bit of a do with a racing heartbeat through Sunday night to Monday morning for a few hours but then it settled down again. She said it came on as she was getting undressed for bed so since that night she has started getting undressed slower and has been fine.

My sister decided to surprise us on Friday by telling us that she and her partner had got a cancellation so had booked and paid for their wedding. Only trouble is - its in September when Steve and I are in the south of France (booked and paid for in November 2009!). We were both really disappointed about it but agreed that it couldn't be helped. One or other of us was going to lose a lot of money if we cancelled. multred_a came up with a wonderful idea of someone webcaming the wedding and skyping it so I could sit in an internet cafe in France watching it as it happened. I suggested it to my sister and she loved the idea. She is going to give someone the job of being computer/webcam organiser.

Steve has been moving this week from his flat about 8 miles away from me into one about 200 metres away! It's lovely. It's the same design as mine but it's slightly smaller and has only one bedroom whereas mine has two. I'm jealous that his kitchen has been modernised though - I could still be another year before I get mine done!

My polling card arrived yesterday and although I only moved across the road it actually puts me in a different constituency - and guess what? Nick Clegg is my Local Lib Dem candidate! :)

Went to choir practice this evening. Tonight is the first night I have felt as though we could possibly sound okay for the concert we have on the 8th May. We ran through 8 songs with little or no corrections!

Here a list of songs we can just about do -
Softly As I Leave You
The Mermaid
That Dixieland Sound
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
This Little Light Of Mine
When The Love Comes Trickalin' Down
Dance To Your Daddy

This is the same arrangement of 'Softly as I Leave You' as we are singing (but obviously with women as well as men!) We only did this one for the first time last week but the harmonies are so straightforward that it sounded really good this week on only the second sing through!


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