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I've been in one of those moods this week where I can't think of anything to write about on here, but I have been reading everyone's journals and have been keeping up with what you are all up to.

Mom's doing well and hasn't had a palpitation for two weeks. She's now managing to get up her stairs (15 quite steep stairs) only stopping on the stair two from the top (she was only managing three stairs before having to stop to get her breath back before.)

On Monday I went to the fair in Hillsborough Park with a friend from choir. We both wanted to go for the atmosphere and not to go on the rides and it was fun. We went on the dodgems and in the fun house, but we both had most fun playing on the 2p push and drop machines.

My dear LJ friend and I are sorted for our holiday in Scotland. We have all our train and bus travel sorted and paid for as well as most of our accommodation - what isn't paid for is booked though!. We've got two free nights in the Glencoe youth hotel thanks to my friend who lives up there, plus one night at her house and two free nights in Glasgow Youth hostel thanks to it being their 10th birthday and they were giving 10 free beds for 10 dates.

I bought a new 8gb mp4 player on Friday. YAY!!! My last one was only 256kb! it still got about 80 songs on it but I do like my new one. I also bought a usb travel charger so I can charge it up by the electic socket when I'm travelling rather than a computer. This mp4 player can apparently get about 2400 songs on it.

I've been working hard at finishing all my unpacking in the flat (it's only taken me a year!) and the spare room is almost empty of boxes and bags. We did a run to the recycling centre this morning and got rid a small percentage of stuff. The majority went to my mom's house as she has a women who calls and picks up stuff from her house for a charity shop. We had to time our run to miss the football crowds as it was an important match with Sheffield Wednesday playing Crystal Palace. Whoever lost went down to the lower division - Wednesday lost! coming back from mom's we were asked to wait by a policeman at a junction (for ages!) while more police escorted a very large crowd of fans towards the football ground.

We then went for a look round the garden centre and had a coffee. I bought some triteleia koningin fabiola bulbs  - does anyone know their common name?

After this mornings run to the recycle, mom's and the garden centre, Steve's did me lots of little jobs that I've been needing to get done for a while. His new flat had a cream vertical blind in the conservatory that he was going to get rid of so I baggied it! He put me that up this afternoon.

My front is looking lovely. My azaleas is in bloom as are my anenomes. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow. I now have three tiny clematis one of which has a blue flower at the moment and my lillies are getting tall.

We've got our first choir concert on Saturday 8th May. I'm really looking forward to it. My cousin aimingtobefit, and my mom are coming to the concert. Lets hope we sound okay!


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