C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Busy - but it's nearly summer

Yesterday I got half of my bedroom furniture from my bedroom into the spare bedroom and actually it doesn't look too bad.

Yesterday Steve unplugged the DAB clock radio that's by the side of my bed. I explained to him that this was a bad move as it's really knackered and unplugging it causes stations to vanish and the alarm to go off when it feels like it. I went to bed last night and plugged it in - couldn't get the station I wanted to listen to ah well, so I checked the alarm and it said it was switched off.

5.45am the alarm goes off!!!

Stupid clock radio!

Stupid Steve for unplugging it!

I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so I got up. It was a lovely sunny morning and at 6.15am I was sat outside in the morning sun with my cup of coffee and my book. At 10 I met up with the Tuesday walking group and went for a beautiful 4 mile walk.

I saw my first swallow while I was out walking - yay!! Summer is on it's way!! Except that one of the walking ladies reminded me of the old saying 'one swallow does not a summer make' which means that if you've only seen the first one there's still a chance of a final cold snap before the summer. Pessimist - that's what I say! When I see my first swallow I woop with joy knowing that the warmer sunnier weather is finally here.

Then when I got home I started stripping the wallpaper off my bedroom wall. I got about a third of the room stripped in a couple of hours.

This evening I have been out to my friends house and when I got home I started sorting out some paperwork that needed doing.

So the sun finally appears and I get a new lease of life! Hurrah for the summer months!

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