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News from the last few days

All last week from Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening I spent stripping my bedroom. It's been hard work but I've only got a small bit of wall to finish and then it's done and ready for papering. I looked in the other bedroom where all my furniture is and realised that there is quite a large section of wall I can start stripping without getting myself in a mess.

Saturday I spent the day tidying up the rest of the flat as it had got in a state, washing pots, cleaning the kitchen, putting paperwork from the living room away etc.

Saturday evening was my first choir concert!

I really enjoyed myself. I was slightly nervous but I wasn't too bad as I stand on the back row of the two rows of altos and being tiny no-one could see me! It is so unusual to not be put at the front because I am small! but it's a case of when the alto part is split into two harmonies I can hit the really low notes and the second row are the lower altos and the front row are the higher altos.

I was really pleased that my mom was well enough to come along to see it. She said she was disappointed that she couldn't see me at the back though. My friend who normally picks me up on Thursday evening lives very close to my mom so picked her up and brought her to the concert for me.

We started with a piece called 'Kings of Swing' which is a mixture of Begin the Beguine, Ain't Misbehavin', Moonlight Serenade and Chattanooga Choo Choo. Which is the piece of music he asked us to run through on Thursday evening about ten minutes before we went home! They had all done it before but I didn't know the alto part so not a good confidence booster as an opening number for me!

Then a guest young man played two pieces on the trombone (he's grade 8) one was a swing number the other a classical piece by Mozart.

'Summertime' was next which came out the best we have ever performed it! I have never liked this arrangement but my mom said it was one of the nicest arrangements she'd heard of the song.

Our conductor then played a Chopin piece on the piano.

We then followed with two folk songs 'Waly Waly' (which I knew as a child as 'The Water Is Wide')from Somerset, and 'Dance to Your Daddy' (When The boat comes in) from the North East of England.

The same young man who had played the trombone then performed two fantastic pieces on the xylophone - also grade 8 xylophone!, (apologies to aimingtobefit - I had argued that it was a glockenspiel but according to wikipedia the wooden ones are xylophones!) He played Mozarts 'Ronda Alla Turca' followed by 'Black and White Rag' - He was really fantastic and a few of the audience gave him a standing ovation.

We then same Softly As I Leave You' which was a Matt Monroe hit. This song has really beautiful harmonies. I just love it!

Then we had a short break.

We started the second half with two pieces from 'The Messiah' - 'And The Glory' and 'Surely He Has Born Our Griefs' which sounded super!

A second guest young man then played  a piece from Haydn. This looked a very tricky piece but he did a really good job of moving his fingers really fast!

We then sang three spiritual songs - 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot', 'This Little Light Of Mine' and 'When The Love Comes Tricklin' Down'. I really like those three songs especially 'When the Love' as it is a beautiful song and it was the first piece I managed to remember the harmonies to and feel really confident about singing.

Our conductor then played a piano piece (I can't remember what it was though!)

We then sang the Mermaid (which we all dislike) We went really out of tune and messed up right at the end where there is a key change! but ah well LOL! - interestingly he has always been telling us that it had been requested. When I was sat in the pub after the concert with him and a few others someone from the audience made a comment about why had he chosen to do that one to which he replied 'Well they really wanted to do it so I didn't really get a say in the matter' ........Hmmmm ......lying bugger!!!......I suspected that we were doing it because he wanted us to - and what's wrong with that!, he's the conductor! but own up to your own choices of music man!!.... don't shy away because it went wrong!!!!!

The young clarinetist then played a second piece this time it was swing jazz.

We finished with 'Dixieland Jazz' which I love and can't stop singing! and 'A Nightingale Sang In Bartley Square' Again the last one was a new song to me on Thursday. The alto part was hard and not one that you can pick up on one listening (unlike the 'Kings Of Swing' which was very easy to pick up) So I just had to mime to that one - lol!

It was a really enjoyable night. My mom really enjoyed it as she said she had known every piece of music in the concert.

After aimingtobefit and I went to the pub and met up with a couple of my friends from Friday nights and ended up not coming home until 1.30am! (one redhead!)

On Sunday aimingtobefit and I went up to church. Steve was going to go to a car boot but it had been raining in the week so we suspected the field would be soddened and would therefore be cancelled. He met me after church and we went food shopping and then after putting it away we went out to a couple of garden centres to try and get some good ideas for his planters in the future. We came home had tea and watched our usual Sunday evening TV programmes - Time Team, Antiques Roadshow and then we watched Lewis which I only watched for the first time last week!

This morning it black, dark, cold and rainy and I've got to go out to Hillsborough to the bank this morning! I'd rather be indoors today!


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