C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I'm on holidy for a week in Cornwall.

We drove from Sheffield to Burnham on Sea on Friday afternoon and then to Hayle near St ives on Saturday afternoon. The tempriture has been really hot, 27c on Sat and Sun and about 29c today! We went to the beah yesterday but it was atually too hot to go swimming!

(Some of these letters on this keyboard arn't working - the letter 'see' i hve to tap several times before it types it on here so if I have letters missing from my words you know what it is!)

I'm now in an internet cafe in Falmouth and we are in here getting some relief in the shade for a while. We have been looking around the shops and the art galleries and later we are going to take a walk to the beach again and have a paddle/swim (depends how cold the sea is).

I won't see the finale of LOST until after I get home net week! So I hope you all enjoyed/enjoy it.

I'm looking forard to tomorrow and Thurs evenings cos it's the semi final of the eurovision song contest! 

Time here is running out - I'll write again soon! x


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