C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Free - 13 mins!

We are in Falmouth again today and just popped into the internet cafe for a offee, someone who was leaving asked if I wanted to use his remaning 13 mins of internet time. Yay! I like freebees!

So the weather is still hot although there is a very cold sea breaze today making it chilly in unsheltered areas and burning red hot in sheltered areas. I have no got LOADS of freckles and they have joined up into a freckle-tan!

13 mins hasn't given me time to read f'posts or answer to comments to my last post but I'll have that to look forward to when I get home.

Yesterday was were heading in the car to a little cove and beach when we came aross a ar boot sale! It ws massive! It took us nearly 4 hours to look round it and as we were getting to the last row they were packing up. I got a beautiful picture and some nie blue glass. Steve picked up a Clarice Cliffe long thin dish for £1!!!!

OMG!! £1!!!!

OMG Clarice Cliff!!

Better go - I'm down to two minutes! x

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