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gardening and other stuff.

I've been gardening today. I tidied all my planters and went to the garden centre and bought some petunias for my hanging baskets  and some lobelias to plant in my large tub.

So I've gone from quite a colourless front yard (my winter pansies had all suddenly died down this week!) to being very colourful again.

I would love to show you some photos but I still can't find the usb cable that connects to my camera to the computer so I've also got lots of holiday photos that I can't download!

The weather has been about 26c today and I can feel my arms developing from the sun this afternoon. I think I caught it as I was looking around the garden centre.

I keep saying I'm going to do more stripping wallpaper and I really will tomorrow! I have to if it's going to be finished in time before I go to Scotland next Sunday. I want it to look nice when my guest comes back to Sheffield at the end of her holiday and stays at my place for a couple of days.

I'm fed up of my living room being upside down with furniture from the second bedroom! I will be glad when it's finished and my flat can return to some sort of tidiness.

It's a week of finales this week. On Monday I watched the LOST finale which I really enjoyed, yesterday I watched the Flashforward finale which I REALLY enjoyed - It surprised me that I actually enjoyed it more than the LOST one! Then tomorrow I'm going to watch the last episode of 'Ashes to Ashes' which my mom said she really enjoyed.

So that's Heroes, LOST, Flashforward and Ashes To Ashes all finished, and no more!

I'm going to miss them all!
Tags: ashes to ashes, decorating, flashforward, gardening, heroes, lost

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