C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I've been busy again today.

I was awake and got up at 7am this morning. A cup of coffee and  the 'Ashes to Ashes' finale. It was really good. Sort of what I expected but not quite and Yay! it was all about Gene - not Alex. That man has really grown on me throughout LOM and A2A. So much so that he was in my last top 10 of sexy characters.

Then I had a brainwave about the living room! I moved things around a bit and EVERYTHING hid behind the settee! Now I have a tidy liveable living room with everything out of sight!

My next job was locating my train tickets and bus pass for Scotland which I knew weren't lost but I just hadn't seen then since before we went to Cornwall. I cleared my computer table - nothing. Checked all the usual safe places - nothing. Hmmm.... the ONLY possible place left to look was in four bags of papers that Steve had just sort of gathered together as he was moving stuff from the bedroom into the living room. Any papers laying around got scooped into the bag. Anyway tickets found safe and well in the last few papers from the fourth bag so it also did me the favour of sorting out all the bags of paperwork as well! Another good job done!

After dinner I decided to tackle the stripping. OMG! THANK YOU GOD!!! 1.30pm - 4.30pm, 6pm - 7.15pm = The whole bedroom stripped in ONE DAY!! Thank goodness I did the difficult room first!!! There are bits of lining paper to be stripped off tomorrow but there isn't much, it all came off so cleanly!

While I was stripping the bedroom my mind kept wandering back to the LOST and A2A episodes and I suddenly realised how very similar they had been to each other in their totally different ways (I just realised that sounds like "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't.")

At teatime I caught up with last weeks episode of Brothers and Sisters which I'd been dieing to see as I wanted to see how Kevin was going to react to the news that he had accidently caused his friend a seriously injury 20 years ago and his parents had paid the family off to keep quiet all these years telling Kevin years ago that he was fine.

I didn't go to choir this evening because at 7pm I knew I was only 20 minutes or so off finishing the stripping and I also needed a bath before I could go outside anywhere so when Karen told me she wasn't going I was quite pleased.

Then I had a LOVELY long bath. While there I had a spark of an idea for a LOST ficlet. Last week while I was away I jotted down a different LOST ficlet and thought that actually it had the makings of a series of short stories all based on the same theme. I'm going to play about with the wording of last weeks and then I may have the startings of a second one!

When I looked on the computer I'd had a beautiful message from toestastegood that really made my evening. I even rang my mom up to tell her what she'd written to me. Mom says I should take from her lead and write compliments to people. It started with her sister and her friends going on a complimenting-spree on each others' Facebooks, leaving little messages about why they love each other. Then toestastegood did it for her LJ friends. Anyway, I've been thinking that it's a while since I said nice things about people and told you all how much you mean to me, I'm sure she won't mind me copying her idea when it's all about spreading love but during the next week (I'm a slow writer!)  I am going to be doing the same thing, so this is an explanation post for if you get random compliments posted to you.

I'm now going to catch up on reading a couple of stories on my friends ages and then I'm going to bed!


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