C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I had arranged for friends to come round for a belated Eurovision Song Contest party last night but at about 1pm when a bed and mattress ended up in the only bit of space I'd got left in the living room I decided to cancel it.

Everyone except my friend P got the message - poor lad had driven right across the city from his flat (an hour's drive!) only to find no-one here. I did say that it reminded me of the night we first met and became friends 18 years ago. I had cancelled a party that night as I had a bad stomach upset. Our mutual friend Ian had not got the message and turned up bringing P with him. I had my friend S there looking after me so the four of us drank tea and chatted for a while before I was sick in the bathroom! Which brought the evening to an end!

P and I discovered we had so many obscure bands and fandoms in common and we spent many years regularly on Monday evenings at my flat watching Prisoner - Cell Block H.

Anyway last night we had a quick cuppa outside on my front while Steve (poor lad) carried on wallpapering in the bedroom.

People did sound disappointed that I'd cancelled the party last night, so I may get us all together for a house warning/Eurovision night sometime in July.

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