C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Had a busy day today.

Went to the doctors in the morning to pick up some tablets, which I had to pay for as my low wage certificate which gives me free prescriptions, dental work and opticial treatment for free has run out! I finally filled in my new form and got it sent off! Then I went to the dentist to have an impression made for a new bite razor as I accidentally sent the one I've got flying across the bathroom and down the loo about 3 weeks ago! They kindly said that they will wait to send off my dental treatment form until my new certificate arrives so I didn't have to pay in advance for the dental work. The new bite razor should take about 3 weeks to make by which time I should hopefully have a new certificate.

Then I went to mom's for an hour as she lives very close to both my doctor and my dentist. She's doing well. The physio/occupational therapist called to visit her this morning and provided her with a new raised toilet seat and a grab frame to help herself off the seat. They also gave her a walking frame/trolley thingy that she can put a meal or a cup of tea on and walk from the kitchen to the living room without having to carry them.

Then I called in the shops on the way home and bought some large storage boxes. I carried the boxes to the bus stop and remembered that I had wanted to go to a garden centre out in the countryside to pick up a prezzie for Steve's birthday on Saturday but the boxes would be to big and bulky for the little bus that takes you there so I had to catch the bus home first with the boxes then I walked up to the village as Steve had told me about a bird feeder he had seen with a tray at the bottom as at the moment the birds are dropping seeds on the floor and I'm starting to get pigeons landing in my outside area!

From there I caught the same little circular bus to the garden centre and bought him a Tuscany ropey dangly thing with earthy coloured pots dangling on it to hang in his conservatory. Every time we go to that garden centre he says that he likes it and wants it but he never buys it! Well he's got one now! I've also bought him a box set of 7 George Formby films that he wanted and I've payed for him to go to see Ken Dodd on Sunday evening with his work friends.

Then I put some washing in and started writing my list of things to pack to go to Scotland. Yay!! only Three more days to go!! Anyway I started writing my list and fell asleep on the settee for about an hour!

I woke up and finished my packing list and my list of things to do in the next couple of days then Steve came round to paint the hallway! So now there's only the job of laying the carpet in my tiny hallway and I'm all decorated and carpeted!! That should take him about 20 mins tomorrow night.

This evening I went to choir. We learned two new songs - ABBA's Thank You For The Music and one I can't remember the title of but it was a Gershwin song. I was very tired though. I had trouble sight singing tonight!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the hairdressers to have my hair cut and coloured.

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