C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Arrived in Edinburgh yesterday in the pouring rain! Met multred_a at the station. Found the hostel which as I suspected is quite dreary for living in as student accommodation for a year but is fine as a youth hostel for a couple of nights!

Met up with toestastegood for coffee in the afternoon and had a lovely chat, in a lovely coffee shop that she had chosen. I'm now looking forward to the lost weekend she's arranging in July.

In the afternoon multred and I walked around the centre arrriving back at our hostel about 8pm we then sat and watched the first two episodes of the Tribe. After having to go to reception because it was so cold in our rooms and neither of us had any heating I settled down at about 10.30 and went straight to sleep!

Today we had a very relaxing, lazy morning before walking around other parts of the centre, We've walked from the castle to Holyrood House, onto Princess Street and all over the place! We are going back for tea in a while and then relaxing this evening.

Tomorrow we are going to St Andrews for the day and I'm quite looking forward to it.


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