C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Tuesday & Wednesday

Went on the bus to St Andrews yesterday. Saw the old golf course and took photos of a very happy multred_a  against the backdrop of the "Royal & Ancient" Club house. Went walking in town and had a lovely cream tea at a little cafe on an old cobbled street.

We had planned to call to see my friends in South Queensferry on the way home but I received a text from them to say that when they arrived home from their holiday in Stockholm the boiler had burst and they had water all over the house! So we told them we would call on the way back at the end of the holiday.

Today we are both glad to be out of the city! The hostel was pretty basic. I wouldn't have liked to live there for a year as a student! Very concrete, very stark, very basic! but okay for 3 nights. The Hostel staff were very helpful and fixed any problems we had straight away.

So we caught the bus at 9am had an hours stop in Fort William and arrived in Fort Augustus at 3pm. It was a beautiful journey up to the top of the hills on the way to Callender, up and up until the falls of Killin, through Tindrum, across ranoch moor, through the beautiful Glencoe mountains and on to Fort William. Then Through the Great Glen to Fort Augustus where we are staying in a lovely youth hosel where we have a whole lodge to ourselves. The rooms are big and we again each have a room to ourselves. (So much nicer than dorm rooms).

Now we have found wifi access in a lovely hotel overlooking the mountians and Loch Ness. This evening we plan to have a drink in one of the pubs overlooking the Canal lock.

Tomorrow we plan to take it easy - a bit of walking, a bit of sitting reading, a bit of looking in the shops!

Right I'm going! It's time for tea - Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for me!

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