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The friday five questions

from thefridayfive

I've found these questions quite hard this week

1. What's one of the nicest things a friend has ever done for you?
I have several friends who are always there for me and two of them asked me to be Godmother to their children.

2. What's one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for you?
I was rushed into hospital 10 years ago seriously ill and as I started to get  a bit better after three days the lady in the next bed to me told me she was a 93 years old nun and that she know how seriously ill I was and so had been praying constantly for me for 3 days! I thought it was really kind of her as she was ill in hopital herself.

3. What is a trait in another person that you instantly admire, and that draws you to them?
Spontaneity, kindness, selflessness.

4. What is a trait in another person that instantly repels you, and prevents you from forming a close relationship with them?
bigots and narrow-minded people (although I do love having discussions with them) and really clingy people.

5. Time to vent: tell us about something rotten someone has done to you.
Can't think of anything! - oh maybe at my 30th birthday do, someone who I had known since we were young (but not a close friend) came, she was quiet with me for most of the evening and then at the end, in a drunken stupor came up to me flung her arms around me and said
" I just want to tell you the reasons why you've always bugged me!"
I answered with sarcasm "Seeing as its my 30th - yeah you just tell me"
To which she went back to tiny things that happened when we were young children and finished about 20 mins later with something that had happened a few days before. She then flung her arm around me again and said
"You know what, I'm really glad I've got that off my chest." 
Funnily enough I never saw her after that night. One of my other friends said that she was too embarrassed to face me again!
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