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I (sad I know!) spent Friday evening watching the first eviction night of Big Brother with a German gentleman in his 50's, while multred_a taught two young Germans a Pennsylvanian card game. They then tried to teach her a German card game. How hard or easy these games were I'm not sure as I was too busy watching bitchy Rachel getting the boot!

We had a nice room to ourselves in Tobermory Youth Hostel until exactly 2 minutes before the front door was locked for the night (11.58!) when three women turned up. They had caught the late ferry over from Oban. We had unfortunately stolen their bedding to make our beds extra comfortable so we had to remake our beds to give them their duvets and pillows back! They were very nice, from Vancouver and had come across to Scotland to see Paul McCartney in Concert in Glasgow and had just driven to Tobermory from the closest point you could go to his house on the Mull Of Kintyre.

Had beautiful weather again today. The sun was shining and it was warm, quite unlike Scottish weather! We walked around and looked in the shops. I tried very hard to avoid all the souveinirs that had anything to do with the very scary characters from the kids show 'Balamory"! - They freak me out so much! We had chips from a van on the front.

The driver from Tobermory to Craignure was a bit mental! He entertained us with a running commentary and jokes all the way along the 35 min bus journey! He had a very broad accent and some times he muttered to himself so there were bits of his talk that I didn't understand!! The hour and 30 mins bus ride from Craignure to Ffionphort was interesting with 28 fifteen year olds all making sheep noises every time we passed a sheep (there are many sheep on Mull!). We also saw a stag. The roads are tiny single track roads with passing places that we had to stop at several times to let huge lorries and coaches past us.

We arrived in Ffionphort and even though its a teeny tiny place he dropped us off outside our b&b just so we didn't have to walk back up the hill with our rucksacks! How nice is that - and how lazy were we! LOL!

The b&b is lovely! The beds are lovely. I had a relaxing bath, ah I've missed a bath!

We went to the pub for a drink and got chatting to three guys who recognised us from Tobermory last night. They were from north east Scotland and worked for the prison service. They were cycling around Scotland for a week together.

After the pub we went for a quick walk on the beach, the sun was still high in the sky and it was after 10pm! it's now 11.40 and it's still quite light!

I love this place. It's so quiet!

Tomorrow is a new day in the middle of nowhere!

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