C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Woke up from the wonderful bed in the b&b and had a big breakfast.

Booked out at 9.30 and wandered down to the ferry about 5 mins walk away. Crossed onto Iona. Got the taxi  to the hostal as its a mile walk and we didn't fancy it with all our backpacks and things! Left our stuff there as we couldn't check in until 4pm so we walked back to the village and looked in the shops, went walking around the island, bought food for the next few days and wandered back to the hostel.

We sat talking to a group of 6 students from America this afternoon and then we've had a wander back to the hotel back in the village. (so wev'e done about 6 miles today so far and we've got a mile's walk back!)

Iona has gone electronic! This hotel has internet access! I can still only  get a signel on my mobile in one spot on the island though!

I'd have liked to have gone to the service at the abbey this evening but I'm tired and don't feel like walking another two miles so tonight I think it's wine on the beach and watch the sunset instead.

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