C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Iona is beautiful! It's wonderful! it's special!

I have met some fantastic people there in these last four days. There was a lovely group of female students fron America, a german man and his two sons, a gentleman from the Netherlands, a woman from Hastings who had trvelled the world and had lived in Turkey for many years and a local fire officer who was on the island checking fire systems.

The hostel holds 21 people and is small and intimate.

One morning I walked the mile into the village and set off back to the hostel at about 11.30am, so many lovely people talked to me on the mile journey back that I arrived back at 5.30pm! I had a fantastic calm relaxed day. On Friday I decided I was not going to do anything! The sun was shining so I took my costume and my notebook down to the secluded beach and swam in a little safe shallow cove and wrote a bit and swam a bit and wrote some more - I've had an inspiration for a Torchwood mini fic (thanks to munnin_odanin  sending me a plot bunny!). I then read a bit and swam a bit and wrote a bit more!!! I had a fantastic day!

I went to the communion service at the abbey on Thursday and thought it was wonderful, very peaceful. I also went on Friday but didn't really enjoy it as much. (one woman lead too much of the whole service I felt it should have been shared out between more people)

I've enjoyed Iona and it's relaxation atmosphere so much.

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