C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

catch ups

I've had 'The Misfits' on my computer for a while ready to watch when I got around to it but tonight they started to replay it on channel 4. I loved the first episode. It's like a wakky english juvenile delinquent 'Heroes'.

Now I've watched the first episode I don't think I'll wait until next Saturday night to watch the next episode!

I'm also really enjoying the 'IT Crowd' I've just finished watching the first series. Also going to watch the final episode of series 4 of 'Brothers and Sisters' LOL I don't know ANYONE that watched 'Brothers and Sisters' but I've always really enjoyed it!

Also after starting 'The Tribe' again while I was away in Scotland (for the umpteenth time) I think it's time for another tribeathon as I haven't watched it now in over a year and a half (last time, at a few episodes a day it took me nearly a year to watch all 5 series!)

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