C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Hotness death poll - Final (except its not a poll tonight!)

Vote who you want to WIN!!

So the eighth casualties of the hotness death match and in 3rd places are David Anders for the boys and Liz May Brice for the girls. 

I'm sad  that both of these have gone but to be honest I really like the last 3 men and woman and I would find it hard to choose who I found the least attractive!

So on to the final difficult choice - and I don't care! I'm happy for any of the following to win!

So on to round 9 (to find 2nd and 1st hottest) 

Leave a comment stating which one man and one women you want to WIN the competion.

Here are my two hottest men and my two hottest women.

The Men

 Mark Pellegrino 

Josh Holloway

The Women

Ruslana Lyzichko

Evangeline Lilly 

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