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Thank goodness for 'Smash Hits' Magazine!

This was a conversation on Facebook just now...

- happy birthday - if they were me and i was you etc..

me - lol ...I've just looked up the lyrics to see that they really are because I always used to sing the next line as 'Would you be a monkey too!'

k'la - a pom pa lom pe lom wah

me - ‎*falls about laughing!*  hmmm...I've always been a bit rubbish, haven't I? - no wonder I never do well at pop lyrics quizzes!


LOL! I couldn't help it if my 1970's tape cassette recorder didn't record the sound very well, it was the best that 1979 could offer a teenage girl!

So as I havn't heard it in a long time I give you....

'A pom pa lom pe lom wah' by the Clash


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