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elf meet weekend

I got back from the [info]elf_meet yesterday evening. It's the first time I've been to anything like this and only the second time I've met people from LJ in real life!

The [info]elf_meet consisted of myself, toestastegood, [info]janie_tangerine, and [info]alliecat8 meeting up for a Lost weekend in Edinburgh. We stayed in toestastegood's flat which is about 10 minutes walk out of the centre.

On Friday morning I caught the train at 1.30pm. When I'd went to book my ticket a few weeks ago they had wanted to charge me £97 single £190 return!!! so (the cheapskate that I am!) I managed to find small connecting journeys that were cheap (Sheffield to York £7, York to Newcastle £7, Newcastle to Edinburgh £7 - total £21 single!) so a bit of chopping and changing but a big money saver! I arrived at 6pm which was only actually 20 minutes later than if I'd got a through train. I caught the bus over to Shona's flat where her and Lavinia (janie_tangerine) met me at the bus stop.

Shona and Lavinia had bought me a big birthday cake with a pink ribbon and pink and white flowers which they had decorated up Lost-style with Jacob and Esau sitting together on top as they know how much I love Jacob! The three of us had a huge cake-fest that resulted in Jacob getting icing smeared over his face which gave us all plot bunnies! - so, if fics turn up with icing/whipped cream/yoghart  themes you know why ;)

[info]alliecat8 wasn't arriving until late Saturday afternoon, so before we went to see Inception together we went out to an Indian restaurant for dinner,  we had a couple of different dishes and shared them - there was loads left over, maybe we should have waited for the cakefest till after tea! lol!Anyway we ended up talking so much that we missed the start of the film so we headed back to the flat instead and watched BBC's Sherlock. I really enjoyed it and i'm going to watch the second part as soon as I've finished writing this post! 

On Saturday Shona, Lavinia and I headed down to the lovely deli/coffeeshop for morning coffee and to meet up with Shona's parents who were driving through Edinburgh on their way down South. They are lovely people and I can see where Shona gets her 'lovelyness' genes from.

After they headed off we visited Scotland's National Gallery, where we discovered that most of the paintings were Italian - which made Lavinia feel at home. ;) There was also a painting about Jacob and Esau, and lots of paintings by artists called James or Jacob which was EXTRA Brill!

We went to buy tickets to Mary King's Close for the four of us for Sunday morning and by making the cashier laugh we managed to charm our way into getting cheaper student tickets for all of us.

In the afternoon, instead of going to visit the castle (because Allie wasn't getting there until late afternoon) we went to Camera Obscura instead. I really had fun with all the optical illusions and hollograms.I even walked into a pane of glass in the glass maze! I couldn't manage the vortex tunnel though - I took one step in and everything went 'woosh', setting my labyrinthytis off!!! Thankfully it went off again quite quickly after I'd sat down for a while.

About 4pm we left and headed back to the flat. We played the very complicated Lost board game while we waited for Allie to turn up and while we started cooking the dinner.

For dinner, we had haggis, neeps (well actually it was swede because we couldn't find any turnips!) and tatties, a true Scottish meal! Lavinia had her first taste of Haggis! Yay!

After growing more and more concerned about  Allie we heard from her and learned that she wouldn't be making it over to us until the next morning. :(  We played some more of the board game which I wasn't 100% sure we were playing right because once I started winning ad beat the monster there didn't seem to be anyway anyone else could win! So we called it that I won that game even though we hadn't killed off many characters.

We then decided to watch some Lost episodes, and watched the first few episodes of Season One. While that was playing  Shona and Lavinia also got started on writing their Jacob-smeared-with-food fanfictions.

We got up on Sunday and the first thing I managed to do was invite the Smoke Monster into the flat by burning toast not just once but twice! lol! it was absolutely pothering out of the toaster! When Allie got there at 9, she was greeted by a flat with smoke pouring out of the window!

We set off to Mary King's Close which is a plague street beneath the Royal Mile that was closed up and built upon ages ago. You can go down through the bricked up buildings that still survive. We had a very funny guide showing us around, who we discovered at the end was called James - and Allie has therefore promised that she will be writing a fic about Sawyer as a tour-guide! as we left the tour the next tour guide shouted 'AH HA!! MY ARCHNEMESIS!' at 'James' - Lavinias eyes lit up (maybe another fic on it's way?) and we all burst out laughing!

When we were finished with the tour we heading down to where there was a free stand-up comedy show on at lunch time but arrived too early so we went for coffee in the local shopping centre. We had an hour of fun filled LJ/fangirl/squee chat before we headed back to the comedy club. We managed to get really good seats sitting right by the stage and got a plate of nachos to share while we were watching the show, which was very funny.

Lavinia and Shona headed to the castle while Allie and I decided to head back to the flat, to have a rest. I lolled on the settee for an hour while Allie rested in the bedroom. I offered to make tea and suggested Shona ring me when they came out of the castle. I got a phonecall from Shona saying they had gone to 'Bobby's Bar' (at Greyfriars) and did I want to join them so I took the 10 min walk over and joined them before we made our way home calling at the shop for more potatoes (to have with the neeps that were really swedes and haggis) and most importantly - more cake was bought! 

Just before we got back to the flat Lavinia called into deli for an expresso - we ended up walking out with 4 beautiful predinner cupcakes which Esau and Jacob had a fight over. Shona cooked us all some more haggis, neeps and tatties (yay! for Allie trying haggis too, even if she seemed quite scared by the whole idea!) and we played the Lost game some more on a bigger board - and it remained just as confusing as it had been the night before!  Lavinia won this game and she loved that Boone won over Jack and pursuaded him to follow Boone and that Shannon also scratched Libbys eyes out in a catfight.

Later in the evening we decided to watch the final 3 episodes - which resulted in an epic weeping fest with Allie and Lavinia needing lots of tissues and Shona giggling in sadness :(  Being only the second time I've watched the finale I got bits out of it that I didn't catch the first time so that was great. (And I got to see lots of Jacob)

I said my farewells to Lavina and gave her a hug before I went to bed at about 2am as she had a taxi booked at 4 in the morning to take her to the airport.

Monday I woke up around 8am I read for a while, tidyed up, and washed the pots. I hugged Allie as she left at midday in her taxi and I left at 12.15 after saying my goodbyes to Shona. I walked the 20 min walk with my small wheely case and my little rucksack, kicking myself everytime I went down a cobbled street that I hadn't got the bus or a taxi! I got my train to York at 1pm (£14) and read my book for most of the journey I changed at York and got the Sheffield train (£7) arriving in the centre at 5pm. I got the tram and bus home and got in about 6pm.

I really enjoyed meeting all the elf girls. Lavinia is a really lovely girl.  She's sweet and made me laugh when she talks about how much she loves Boone. Allie is a fun, bubbly person with great clothes! We both love Sawyer and it was great to girly squee with a fellow Sawyergirl. Shona is a very kind, easygoing person who put up with my funny querks over the weekend without comment and made us all feel at ease. Together they gave me a great lostsquee filled weekend!

and - if we meet again next year you're welcome to stay at my place.


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