C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

My stupid bank story!!

When multred_a left my flat (July 3rd) I wanted to check my internet banking. As I typed in all the codes and passwords it told me it didn't recognise one of my codes or passwords! I tried a few times and it wouldn't accept it. I got worried that someone somewhere had got to my account and changed my password so I decided to change the password myself. This procedure would have been simple if I'd managed to type in my account number on my card correctly (which I didn't!) it then wouldn't let me change anything and gave me a number to ring. Being Saturday it was out of hours and i had to wait until Monday.

I rang on Monday 'Oh its an easy procedure' the woman told me before asking me three security questions which I answered the first two easily. The third one was where did you open this account? OMG I dont know! it was over 20 years ago!!!! maybe it was near me? maybe it was in town? maybe it was the little bank next door to where I worked? I DON'T KNOW!!!

'Make a guess' she says.

I make a guess.

'I'm sorry that doesn't match the data we have on our computer. I'll have to send you a letter to fill in and sign so that we can match it to your electronic signiture we have on record.'

Quite a number of working days later the letter arrives, I fill it in, sign it send it back.

Quite a number of working days pass and I hear nothing so I ring them up and ask them why I haven't heard anything.

'Oh ye sorry we haven't been in touch but there's a problem. Your signature doesn't match the bank's records'
'How can it not match? my signature hasn't changed!' Now I'm getting worried that someone has forged my signature at the bank!!!
'If you'd care to go to a local bank they will explain the situation to you.'
'...erm okay...'

Next morning I take the bus ride to my local bank where I ask to talk to someone about my signature not matching. It turns out that it was because they didn't have a signature from me - the account was opened in the 'old days' before electonic signatures!!!

'It's easy enough to sort out. I just need some identification like your passport and we can make a new signature'
'But I didn't bring my passport. They never mentioned on the phone yesterday anything about bringing my passport'
'Oh I'm sorry. They should have.'
'Yes they should have because I've now got to go back home and come down here again just to bring you my passport! If they had told me that I could have brought it with me!!!'

So I go home. The following day I go to the bank again realised that I didn't have my bank card! I'd payed a bill in a shop after I'd been to the bank the day before and left it! I called in the shop and the man had saved it for me. Even so I was worried that it had been out of my posession overnight so I rang the bank up to cancel the card and send me a new one. I then had to wait 3 days for this new card before I could go back with my passport. The procedure was easy and I filled in a new signature. the woman told me it would be 3 to 5 working days before I received a letter back from them.

It's now last Friday morning - 7 working days later, and I get a letter dated from the day before I went in to the bank the first day telling me again that my signature doesn't match. I'm not worried as this is obviously the letter I should have got several weeks ago! I ring up to find out what has happened to my reply about the new electronic signature to which I'm straight away given an apology and told that they are unable to do any computer tasks that day as they are having a new system fitted and could they call me back on Monday. I told them I was away and that I would ring them back on Tuesday.

SO.....Tuesday 3rd August - 1 month after  originally wanting to change my internet password I rang them up and I got a wonderful man on the end of the line who sorted me out there and then!!! Finally!!!

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