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I've just watched the 3rd episode of Sherlock.

I've really enjoyed the series and I hope that they renew it. I really like the way they use texting on screen to show us what messages have been sent. I think that's very clever, as are the words that appear subtlly in the backgound of a scene to tell you where they are or some other bit of information.

I've been avoiding all your comments and spoilers until I'd seen it, but I'd like to reply to a few.

'I thought the characterization in the movie was too glib, I like Benedict's view of him so much more, but...can't warm up to the Watson character in this version.  Something is amiss there.  I do like the show! '

I'm a bit the other way actually - I'm not keen on Sherlock. I don't hate him but I can't warm to him.  I think Benedict is a great actor, I just wish that maybe they'd cast someone else to play the part. His eyes are too wide apart and he looks too much like Colin Morgan for my liking.  On the other hand I like the Watson character - plus Martin Freeman is such a cutie!

'Whose cretinous idea was it to have Moriarty speaking like THAT? Eh?  Eh?!
Giving Moriarty a ridiculously mannered and high-pitched voice that made him sound like (a) his balls hadn't dropped and (b) the lovechild of Alan Carr and Graham Norton made him appear to be an annoying twat, upset that Sherlock hadn't taken the hint of being slipped his phone number to call him for a date. Mighty comical, rather than ooh, scary master criminal.'

*spits coffee over keyboard laughing* hahahah!!! So true!! I was really enjoying it all until he appeared and I thought to myself OMG what sort of voice/accent is that??? it started as a high pitched American/posh English accent and ended as a squeeky Scottish/posh English accent!!! what an annoying sound he made. Why couldn't he have just talked in the same way as he did at the beginning of the programme? I admit he spooked me a tiny fraction because of the fact he didn't have your common or garden villians voice but most of the time I was trying to stop my ears from bleeding prefusely with annoyance.

'Sherlock's panicked ripping off of John's clothes was adorable, and his acknowledgement of John's attempt to give his life to save him as "good", And and and and John being disappointed with Sherlock over his dickishness and not caring about people.'

Clothes ripping in dark swimming pools - very nice I must agree :D 
I also liked John being dissappointed with Sherlock - I was getting frustrated and dissapointed with him by that stage too! But I loved the whole pool scene (minus the squeeking that went along with it!!)

Watson, reminds me to clean up the office tomorrow :D

I loved Martin when he was in 'The Office'


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