C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I'm pleased with myself.

Phew!  It's 11:30pm and I've finished giving the flat a good clean and my clothes are all washed. My tent, sleeping bag, airbed, mallet, torch and all my other camping stuff went up to my freinds house who packs it into her car to take it to the festival at Cheltenham. 

I'm not actually going until Friday morning but Jenny and Martin are driving down tomorrow night and waiting for the gates to the campsite to open early on Friday morning. We'll set off in the mini bus about 9am and Jenny and Martin will have reserved an area for all of us to camp together (there's usually about 21 of us!). We have the afternoon setting up the tents and the festival site opens at 5pm.

So tomorrow all I need to do is pack my rucksack for 5 days and water the plants. I'm going to see mom in the morning so I'll have the afternoon to relax, catch up with replying to some comments on LJ, and post a couple of bits writing I've been meaning to post.


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