February 29th, 2008

Blue Red

It's nearly 'Eurovision Song Contest' time again!

Oh I'm excited! It's coming towards that time of year again - time for the UK to pick their  'Song For Europe'.

I absolutely love the Eurovision Song contest - please understand that I adore it for all its naffness, its boring songs, it's brilliantness and for Terry Wogan narrating the contest to us in his own witty way.

hmm... maybe I'm not as excited about us actually winning now I've heard clips of the entrants - listen to them at - http://www.bbc.co.uk/eurovision/vote/

It's on tomorrow evening and as usual someone somewhere has picked six songs that don't really stand a chance of winning the contest. Also why do all the artists have to have appeared in one of the music talent shows - are people in Romania and Ukraine really going to be as impressed with their fame as we are?

We've got three songs -The Revelations, Love Shy and Michelle Gale, that sound exactly like people in the UK think a Eurovision song should sound like. Most of the UK seem to be stuck alongside Bucks Fizz in 1981 when it comes to Eurovision. They don't seem to have noticed that time has moved on and boom bangy la la la songs just ain't winning anymore! See Lordi - 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' or Ruslana - 'Wild Dances' Then think Scooch - 'Flying the Flag' !

Two songs are slower - Andy Abrahams and Rob McVeigh. Ok so a ballad won last year, but I don't think that these have got what it takes.

The one clips that sounds a bit more like it is Simona Armstrong - but it is only a clip, the rest of the song could turn out to not have the edge it promises to have.

From what short bit I have heard of each song I predict that people of the UK will vote -
1. The Revelations
2. Love Shy
3. Simona Armstrong
4. Michelle Gale
5. Andy Abrahams
6. Rob McVeigh

The Eurovision Song Contest is on the 24th May in Serbia

BTW - The Irish entrant, Dusty the turkey is causing uproar in his homeland  - he's a puppet!