March 14th, 2008

Blue Red

Ashes To Ashes

Brilliant music again this week.

Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Into The Valley - The Skids
Same Old Scene - Roxy Music
Mirror In The Bathroom - The Beat
Chant No. 1 - Spandau Ballet
Kids In America - Kim Wilde
Vienna - Ultravox
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
Ghosts - Japan

Alex drove the Quattro...Gene wasn't happy

Chris was sat reading a copy of 'Smash Hits'

Chris and Ray playing 'Space Invaders' and saying about the graphics being good really made me laugh.

Noticed Alex's settee was one of those horrid 80's Gray/Back/Red striped things. I'll have to remember to look to see if she has the black wood furniture to go with it.

Alex's obsession with her mother is driving me up the wall! Stop been such a jibbering idiot woman and leave your mother alone!  If you've really got to save her take a step back and do it sensibly.

The Photographic image of the episode award has to go to -  Gene shooting the glass....Fantastic! I was in awe!  and then when Vienna started playing, WOW!

Gene and Alex gave each other more looks. She said on GMTV the other day that something happens between them before the end of the series - hmmm  I'll not hold my breath just yet.

When Gene was resuscitating Alex I just wanted him to kiss her.

Great episode!