March 28th, 2008

Blue Red

Operation over!

I'm back at home.

Thank you all for your messages of good wishes, they were very much appreciated.

The Gall Bladder operation last Wednesday (19th) went well. They managed to do it by keyhole surgery but it took nearly two hours instead of one as ten years ago I had previous bowel surgery that went very wrong.  My surgeon told me on Thursday morning that most of the two hours had been spent finding a way to the Gall Bladder through LOTS of older adhesions. Apparently the Gall Bladder bit was very quick!

I had a hilarious anesthetic team - There was a young man and woman who both looked about 23ish; they were the hand holders. While the anethatist was preparing his stuff, they started by asking me what I would have been doing that day if I wasn't lying on their table. I told them that I'd cancelled an evening in Buxton Opera house as I had bought tickets to see John Hegley reading his poems. The young guy told me how much he loved him and started resiting John Hegley Poems to me and making me laugh! The woman then asked me if I had more comedy nights planned in the future and I told them I had booked to see a play in Manchester on the evening before the Eurovision Song Contest called "Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision" She asked me if I enjoyed the Eurovision, I said I did at which point the anesthetist's voice came from out of sight

"Oh so you're THE fan for who that programme gets aired are you. I know who's fault it all is now!"

I laughed and replied by telling him that there were at least another ten fans as I hosted a Eurovision party every year!

As he came into my sight with all his drugs and equiptment, it really hit me and I got quite nervous. I squeezed my eyes shut.

He laughed and said "You can open your eyes you know, I'm not doing anything to you yet!"

I replied "I'd rather not, thank you!" 

As he started he was really good at explaining what he was doing to me and what he was giving me. Then after a few things had gone in my arm he asked

"Carol.. what time is it now?"

I opened my eyes and looked around the room for a clock. "I've no idea" I replied "What time is it?"

Then he winked and smiled, saying "It's time for little girls to go to sleep!"

He really made me laugh and I replied "Well at least I'm going to sleep laughing".

I had been expecting to have open surgery and to be in hospital for 3 - 6 days but as they managed to do it by keyhole surgery I was only in hospital until Friday teatime. I went to my mom's for a few days and came home on Wednesday (26th) for the first evening on my own. I'm still quite achy but feeling less so every day.

I've been stapled together, and I go to the docs on Monday morning to be destapled!

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