April 1st, 2008

Blue Red

Happy thoughts for April 1st

Firstly I have got to start by saying how lovely it is that my NEW computer is working. It's actually working. HURRAH!!

The one I got in December had given me nothing but trouble. It never worked properly from the day I bought it and I have lost so much college work, stories, music and stuff in the past four months. On the Sunday before I went in hospital it suddenly wouldn't start AGAIN!! so I rang my friend and armed with all my legal rights (thanks to Consumer Direct and Trading Standards) took it back to the shop. They said they would match it like for like, but as we looked around the shop, computer prices had gone down slightly so I actually managed to get a computer that is FAR better than the one I originally bought.

Secondly, Steve was an angel on Sunday. He knew how desperate I would be for some countryside without me having to say a word!

He turned up with picnic prepared and took me out to Bakewell in Derbyshire which is about 35 mins drive from my house, where we sat by the river to have our picnic -

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Then today I have sat and caught up with the last two episodes of Ashes to Ashes, The first two episodes of the new series of House and the first episode of the new series of Brothers and Sisters.

What a catch up!

I'm now gonna catch up on a few stories that I haven't read and I feel in the mood for writing so I may try to be creative later.