April 25th, 2008

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Eurovision song contest 2008

The Eurovision song contest 2008 entrants

A record number of 43 countries will be represented at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest and for the first time, the contest features two Semi-Finals.
  • 20 May - First Semi-Final
  • 22 May - Second Semi-Final
  • 24 May - The Final
Here are the next six entrants in alphabetical order.

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Have a listen and let me know what you thought of them.

I've given my  first impression as a comment.
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Working hard!

Today I'm happy!

I'm really pleased with myself  'cos I've finally managed to sit down and sort out my sign language presentation.

My fog in my head cleared on Tuesday so since then I've been working like billy 'o.

After many hours of work I now have my first translated draft. I just need to practice it, see if it needs correcting and whether I have my timing right. Then I need to practice it enough so that I can remember it! I'm not going to be ready for class on Monday morning when the others film theirs but give me another week and I should be ok. (that amazingly should then only make me a week behind everyone else!)

Now I just have to hope that the finger will bend into the right hand shapes by the time I get round to filming it!

I'm now going to celebrate by catching up on reading some LJ stories and relaxing!!!
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The friday five meme

From thefridayfive
  1. Whats harder to live without, chocolate or alchohol?
  2. Does the colour yellow remind you of anything?
  3. Who most annoyed you last week?
  4. Do you have a cutesy romantic nickname for your partner (or previous partners)?
  5. What is your favourite Stephen King movie?

1. Chocolate
2. Summer sunshine
3. My sister
4. Stink Bomb or Steef queen
(Steve queen said with a greek accent - he did a mean Freddie Mercury one night at karaoke while we were on holiday in Greece and for the rest of the week Greek people kept recognising him in the street and shouting 'Hay steef queen' )
5. Misery 
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