April 30th, 2008

Blue Red

Eurovision song contest 2008

The Eurovision song contest 2008 entrants

A record number of 43 countries will be represented at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest and for the first time, the contest features two Semi-Finals.
  • 20 May - First Semi-Final
  • 22 May - Second Semi-Final
  • 24 May - The Final
Here are the next six entrants in alphabetical order.

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Have a listen and let me know what you thought of them.

I've given my  first impression as a comment.
Blue Red

Trying to get back to a bit of normality!

I went to college on Monday. My tutor was very understanding about not having my presentation ready to be filmed. As it was there wasn't enough time during the morning for everyone to be filmed so there are about three other people who are going to film theirs after the May Day Holidays. I have arranged for friends to come around to my house next Tuesday to film mine and hand it into him at college on Wednesday next week. So it means I'm not so behind with the work.

Not bad to say I've had an op and that It had taken me a bit longer than I thought to recover!

Monday did actually tire me out  so I didn't do much yesterday except carry on with my Lostfest. I'm really enjoying it. I thought I has seen series 2 up to about ep 16 or so but it turns out I'd not seen past ep 4! So virtually the whole of this series is new to me.

This morning I have been working on my second draft translation of my presentation - cutting out unnecessary bits, changing the sign order etc. I'm now just about happy with this version and will sit and go through it later today and see how it flows and whether anything needs tweaking.

I'm now going to have a little afternoon nap! I slept badly last night and am feeling quite tired.

Oh and just a short moan -  I've noticed in these last few days just how many people ring for a bit of 'Auntie Carol' advice, sympathy, encouragement etc. Now usually I really REALLY don't mind - at all, but it's really noticeable how I've not had any of these calls for the weeks I have been recovering but since Saturday I seem to have been getting loads -

- &  I've just had to break off writing this for 15 mins as I just got a phone call from a friend who's upset!

there you go!

As I was saying usually I don't mind but as I'm not feeling 100% yet I realised yesterday how long I was spending on the phone and felt frustrated by it all!

That's enough moaning from me for today!

It's afternoon nap time!