May 28th, 2008

Blue Red

I really should go to bed!

But I'll just post first and say what I've been up to for the last few days.

On Friday I went in the morning with my cousin to Manchester. She'd booked us into a really lovely expensive hotel. It was wonderful to do posh because I never do posh, I usually do Youth hosteling and self catering!  We went for an meal in the evening before going to the Lowery Theatre to see the play 'Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision'. I put on my red short bob wig and had a red feather boa. It was great fun!

We arrived home on Saturday with just enough time to do a quick tidy of the flat before my friends came round for the Eurovision party. They brought lots of food and drink and we were soon into the swing of things. As I suspected it would be, the voting was a right load of pants! At least I knew it would be on Tuesday last week when I put my £1 bet on Russia to win. Which meant I won just over £4! I'm never gonna be a millionaire at least but I came out with more money than what I bet.

Sunday I woke with quite a headache after two nights of drinking wine! Was actually on welcoming duty at church and as I was welcoming people they were all commenting on how well I was looking since my op. I knew how ill and hungover I looked and it made me think just how ill I must have looked before! Steve picked me up after and we went for a drive - I definitely needed the fresh air. Went to sleep at about 9pm and didn't wake up until about 9.30am Monday morning!

Bank Holiday Monday I went to see my mom and we had dinner together, we sat and chatted and I came home and started again with my signing, practicing things to do with health and safety and risk assessments in the work place (Yawn, yawn yawnity yawn!).

Today, two friends from class have been here and we have been filming our 10 min conversational video about (Yawn) health and safety etc. etc. We had several attempt which were interupted on several occasions by a variety of phones ringing (my friends mobiles and my house phone)  After one interruption I unplugged my living room phone and as we attempted what was probably the sixth try we could hear the bedroom phone ringing loudly. To which I suddenly broke out into a hurl of continuous swear words that lasted the whole time I stomped towards the camera, switching it off and continued  as I stomped into the bed room before answering the phone with a lovely very normal  'Hello?' my friends were just laughing hysterically at me - In the six years they have known me, the most they have ever heard me say is Bloomin' 'eck! We managed to get a 10 min piece filmed. We decided that we were too tired to be able to a good self evaluation of it so we decided to leave it and they went home. They are coming back on Thursday to watch it and see if we need to redo it.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Liverpool to get my new passport. My train is at 8.40 and I have an appointment booked at 11am at the passport office. All my forms are filled, my photos are ready, and I have evidence of who I am. I'm going with Steve for two weeks in the South of France on the 14th June and boy am I ready for it!

On Friday I am meeting my friend in Nottingham so if anyone wants any photos taking, just let me know what sort of things you want and I'll try my best.

It's now nearly 1pm and I have to be up for around 6.45 am so I really MUST go to bed NOW!

Night night
Sleep tight