July 2nd, 2008

Blue Red

The catch-up post

Well I'm back from college, I've seen my tutor and


So I've enrolled today for September.
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and for all the encouragement you've given me over the last few months, I've really appreciated it.

And here's where I tell you about my holiday -

I had a really good time but if one thing spoiled it for me, it was the weather. It just got hotter and hotter and when I said in my message that it was well over 30C (93F ish)  that was what was printed out and posted on the reception wall. The receptionist later told me the temperature was 45C (113F). That's the hottest weather I've ever been in. My record before was 41C when I was in Tenerife in Feb 2000. It was so hot I had to stay in the shade all day and could only get on the beach and play in the sea after 8.30pm!

We travelled by train to Paris and stopped in a hotel the first evening. I took Steve to see the Eiffel Tower and we went up to the top. I've been up before when I went to Paris as a student in 1982. But it was so long ago that I enjoyed doing it again!

The next morning we caught a TVG to the South of France and boy do they go fast! they travel at about 300 - 350MPH! We arrived in Agde and got a Taxi to our site (we were caravaning it!). It was nice when we arrived as the company provided us with everything we needed and a bottle of Champagne - its wine for 2-5 time with the same company and champers for the 6th time onwards! The first three days were quite dull and drizzly. Steve moaned about the weather constantly for those three days. Then the clouds cleared and as I said it just got hotter and hotter over the fortnight. Steve then moaned about the weather throughout the rest of the holiday as well!!!

We had lots of rest and relaxation but also did a hell of a lot of walking! We both like walking but made a mistake one day and walked to the next town which when I looked at the map said that it was 1.2K away. When we told someone that we were thinking of walking there to the market they were all very 'Its a long way!' and I was thinking 'Oh come on I often walk to my moms house that is 2 miles away, 1.2K is only half a mile!' We set off walking at about 9am and kept walking and walking and expecting it to be around the next corner, then we went on a long stretch of open road and then expected it to be around the next corner. As it reached 10am it was getting hotter and we still hadn't got there we started to question whether we should carry on or turn back - but we carried on. We arrived at the market at around 10.30am! by then It was so hot we knew that there was no way we could walk back until 8pm ish! We had a nice day but things started to shut at around 4pm and the whole town fell silent! Thankfully at 5.30pm, for the only time on the whole fortnight a black cloud came and we reckoned it was going to be set for the evening. We set of quickly and got back at 6.30. I got changed and went swimming in the sea to cool down. I was the only one on the beach, but I thought well I'm wet anyway what does it matter if it starts raining! (which it didn't). Someone local later told me that the town we walked to was 7.2K (4.5 miles). So I walked about 10 miles that day! I did check the map when I got back and it definitely said 1.2K!
I think some map reader at sometime has read the 7 as a 1 and copied it wrong on his maps!

Like I say I did have lots of R&R, did lots of swimming,  lots of window shopping, ate out every night and had a really good time.

On the way home we stopped over in Paris again in a different hotel and I took Steve to see the Sacre Coeur and then we spent the afternoon and evening wandering around the Montmartre district watching the artist painting, looking in the art shops, having our lunch in a lovely quaint piano bar and generally pretending to be bohemian!

I realised on the first evening in Paris that i had forgotten to take my camera so I've no Photos I'm afraid! I spent the fortnight cursing the fact that I'd forgotten it especially as we had a Swallows nest on the roof of the caravan and during the fortnight we watched 4 chicks grow and then leave the nest the day before we left, leaving one chick that was still there the next morning (it looked ready to leave that day).

We didn't drink the champers while we were away.
Steve suggested we saved it and drank it when I had heard that i had passed my college course, so we brought it home. Guess what we'll be drinking when I see him next!!!!