July 29th, 2008

Blue Red

Thanks xxx

Thank you to all my fabulously wonderful friends who sent me Birthday wishes. I'm really touched. It was lovely!

I've had a really nice day today. I opened my pressies, got some lovely body shop toiletries, an arty lamp, china mug, a couple of bottles of red wine and some other lovely bits and pieces from friends. I went into town in the morning with Steve and then went to see my family and opened my family pressies. I got Lost series 3 from mom and a mp4 player from my sis (very nice!) and money from my bro and nephew. Then went and had tea out in a really nice place with Steve. Then he went home and a couple of girl friends called around this evening and we caught up on all the news.

I went out on Saturday evening with a gang of friends to my local pub where my friend who's a singer was performing and had a really good night!

I've not been writing lately because I've been sooooo busy! Steve has had time off with a torn ligament in his shoulder and so has been around here a lot! a right lot! I think the world of him and he is being lovely but he is driving me up the pole at the mo.  He  cannot relax and cannot make a single decision for himself without it taking hours if not days to decide on his answer! It took him about 55 mins to decide what food he was having this evening!

So anyway we have been out and about visiting places (I'll write more about where I've been in a few days.)

It's now 01:15 and I need my bed!

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