August 27th, 2008

Blue Red

Greenbelt Festival

I got back from Greenbelt Festival yesterday afternoon.

I had a great, but tiring time.

The highlights for me were:-
Beth Rowley - what an absolutely fabulous voice that woman has! and 'Almost persuaded' is a song to be definitely put on my mp3 player.
The Woebegone brothers - I went for a coffee in the performance cafe as they were coming on. I'm so glad I caught them. Great music.
Beer and Hymns - I just love this event. You get to meet so many interesting people stood around you.
The Late Night Twist - Paul Cookson, the Prof and the gang entertained us with funny late night music, poetry and stories.
Learning to play an African Drum - I have never had a go at it before, mainly because I reckoned that my hand co-ordination for rhythm would be terrible! I went to a workshop on Friday evening and discovered I could play quite easily! so I ended up joining a couple of jamming sessions late light Sunday and Monday.

I also met up with the Signs Of God lot and socialised with them with a few glasses of red wine on a couple of evenings.

The downside was:-
1. Being woken up at 6.45am on Saturday morning by two very excited children about 5 & 6 years old that had gone with the group I was with, screaming with laughter as they tried to throw a Frisbee to each other. Their Frisbee throwing skills obviously hadn't developed and I got it on the back of my head as it hit the canvas of my tent!
2. Being woken at around 7am every morning by the two very excited children!
3. My camera batteries dieing after just one photograph!

I slept this morning until 9.45am catching up on the sleep I had missed over the last few days!

I really really need to go to the supermarket and buy some food. I have nothing in! Thankfully, Steve is coming round this evening to take me shopping. With being away so much these last few weeks I have just been making do with what bits and pieces I could find in tins or in my freezer. I think lunch today is going to be a tin of soup!

Here's the one piccie I took during the whole of Greenbelt and it's of Beth Rowley.