November 4th, 2008

Blue Red

Blah weather!!!

We have had two days now where all I have seen out of my window is white cloudy foggy nothing!

I am so fed up...... I need some autumn sunshine! Where are you sun!!!!

Yesterday at college we were suppose to be having our first assessment - receptive skills. I was really tired for some reason yesterday and my receptive skills were dire. I was dreading being assessed. Thank goodness the lecturers had a problem with the computers! apparently the whole of the college computers were down so we couldn't watch the on-line video clip we were supposed to watch for the assessment! Hopefully I wont be so tired when I go to class next week!

I've got the craft group in about an hours time. We're glass painting today - little nightlights, lightbulbs and storage jars.

I'm looking forward to Bonfire night tomorrow. I love it but I hope it isn't too damp. It's been raining for the last few days so the fire may take a while to light. It's rained on Nov 5th here for the last 7 or 8 years! why can't we have a nice dry Bonfire evening for a change.

FOG FOG DRIZZLE FOG!!! aaaghhhh!!!!
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