November 7th, 2008

Blue Red


Last night I watched the episode 'to cure all ills', which had one of my favourite strawberry blonds in it - Julian Rhind Tutt.

Not looking at his most handsome though I must admit LOL!

Still enjoying the series its good to see so many recognisable face in it. It's like spot the celeb. Even down to the actors in the background - I saw the guy who used to play Andy McDonald in Coronation Street as Arthurs manservant when Merlin had been sacked!
It was good to see Santiago Cabrera outside of Heroes. Richard Wilson and Anthony Head are good - never really been that keen on Will Mellors acting skills though!

Only got this weeks episode to watch and then I'm up to date!
Blue Red

The sun shone today!

I've had quite a productive day today, Got some tidying up done (I'm not finished but I did get some done!) Did some glass painting, The sun came out at about noon so I decided to go out and visit my mom. As I'm away in Leicester tomorrow at a national British Sign Language day, I took her some flowers as It's her 80th birthday on Sunday. I'll see her Sunday but flowers would be hard to find on her actual B/D.

I had lunch with her and then my sister arrived to take her to the supermarket to do her shopping. So I went for a lovely walk in Hillsborough park. I really enjoyed it . The sun was shining, there were loads of squirrels running about, all the ground was covered in yellow leaves, it was beautiful. I had a walk around the pond and saw loads of geese, moor hens and plain old everyday ducks! The sky was just starting to go black again as I was about to leave the park. I managed to catch a bus home quite quickly so I was just outside the door to the flats when the heavens opened!

See how much better and happier I feel when the sun shines!