November 17th, 2008

Blue Red

I'm still in shock!

I had my one to one today at college with the lecturer and It would seem that I've passed last weeks assessment!!

I really can't believe it at the moment, it might have sunk in by tomorrow.

Thank goodness the criteria for this assessment didn't include anything to do with productive skills. They were ALL to do with my receptive skills so I couldn't lose marks for the slowness of my signing last week.

He said that my finger spelling could do with some practice as I tend to look at my hands when I'm spelling stuff. Well...I just have trouble spelling anyway!

But all my masses of paperwork that I had to write up this last week were right.. We're all confused by the paperwork! I now just have to type everything up neatly for next Mondays class and that should be the first one done.

One down, only 5 more to go!