December 11th, 2008

Blue Red

UK Christmas No1s

I love Christmas No1s and have collected them over the years on 78, vinyl and CD. 

Here's the next three songs;

I have to be in the mood for The Beatles - sometimes I love listening to their music and at other times they depress me, but I just love Tom Jones and I love this song.

The Beatles - Hello Goodbye

Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home

The Beatles - Day Tripper

Blue Red


I am so late getting ready for Christmas this year!

With being so busy these last few weeks I've just put things down in the house and not picked them up, as a result the flat is in utter chaos!
There are boxes and glasses and art and craft stuff and college work all over the place.

So yesterday began my (Christmas) Spring clean!

I got all the kitchen done yesterday - which to me is a big acheivement but if you saw how small my kitchen is you'd wonder why it had taken me quite a number of hours instead of maybe one! LOL!

Today I'm starting to tackle my bedroom - which is by far the worst room in the flat as it's always the one I decide to do last and then never do it! So I'm tackling it now so that I will still want to tidy the living room. I reckon the bedroom is so bad it'll take a couple of days to give it a really good spring clean!

Funnily enough I have a square area of tidyness around my bed and a clean bed - I've slight OCD tendencies about my bed, it's my clean area! I think it's also my OCD tendencies that say that I have to get all the house spotless before I can even think about Christmas.

I don't usually put the tree up until the 13th anyway so I won't actually be late with that, it's the cards that will be late this year.

Oh and I also have to fit in doing my college paperwork at sometime too.

Oh well! It's really, really not worth worrying about, is it?
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