December 12th, 2008

Blue Red


I'm taking a break!

I've been tidying - but you know how it gets disastrously worse before it gets better? Well the flat is like that at the moment!  My flat has no storage whatsoever and I've got tons of stuff I need to get rid of. I'll have to visit the charity shop I think!

OMG I was about to say that my nearest one was a bus ride away but we've got a new one open quite close to me! - right Charity shop here I come in the morning!

I knew the flat was so bad it would take a few days *sigh*

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Blue Red

UK Christmas no1's

I love Christmas No1s and have collected them over the years on 78, vinyl and CD. 

Today we head into the 70's

Scaffold the band from Liverpool made up of Mike McGear (aka Peter McCartney - Paul's brother), Roger McGough the great comedy poet, and John Gorman - the bloke from Tiswas.

'Cake' by Roger McGough

'I wanted one life
you wanted another
we couldn't have our cake
so we ate each other.'

'Two Little Boys' was the first single my mom and dad ever bought for me and was a Christmas pressie in 1969. Mom was telling me today that Rolf Harris has just re-released this single with one of the choirs from 'The Last Choir Standing'.

I also had a children's hits LP which I had given to me a couple of years later that had both Two little boys and Lily the pink on.

I never heard of Dave Edmunds until he brought out 'Girls Talk' in 1978!

Oh yeah and BTW Lily The Pink is where my nickname Jennifer Freckles came from!!

Here's the next three songs;

Dave Edmunds - I Hear You Knocking


Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys

Scaffold - Lily The Pink

edit 11.45pm -
I'd never heard 'Buttons of your mind before'

I love the lines
'And I wonder if I ever knew
The more elusive inner you
For the buttons of your mind
were difficult to find
and my fingers far too clumsy'