December 20th, 2008

Blue Red

UK Christmas no1s

I love Christmas No1s and have collected them over the years on 78, vinyl and CD. 
I started collecting these songs in 1993 so any no1 after this year I have been able to buy the Christmas CD's  very easily.

These next three songs are songs that I am not overly fond of.

Whitney (How many different notes can I possibly get into one phrase of music) Houston, has a singing style I'm not keen on and unfortunately it seems that it's the fashion on all the shows like X Factor and Pop idol to try and sing in this 'ridiculous number of different notes' style.

Mr Blobby - say no more! ........ no actually I will. If you have no idea what or who Mr Blobby is, then click here

East 17 - Can someone please tell Brian and the other the members of East 17 that words spelt with a 'TH' are pronounced 'TH' and NOT 'F'!!!! If there is one thing that annoys me it's people saying 'I Fink' instead of 'I Think' etc. It really bugs me!!! My friends and I have said that it is becoming so common for young people to not pronounce their 'th's right that we reckon another 10 - 20 years and everyone will say 'fink' and 'frough' and the 'th' sound will have left the English language completely!!!

Here are the next three songs - I hope you enjoy them more than I did!!

East 17 - Stay Another Day


Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You