January 7th, 2009

Blue Red

(no subject)

Well as my class starts again on Monday, I've set aside tomorrow - Saturday morning, (I'll be seeing Steve Saturday afternoon) to try to get my paperwork done. I've got to transcribe and analyse my group-work video that I signed just before Christmas about 'Fear Of Crime'. Analysing is such slow going! I've done 3 hours work so far and got through 2 mins 30 secs of video! The video is just over 11 mins long!

Again everyone in the group is quite confused as to what classes as productive signing and what classes as receptive signing for example, when you agree with someone and continue with the conversation is it receptive, productive or both!!!

I've got my 1-to-1 with my teacher on Monday morning so I need to get everything to a point where he can check everything before I type it all up.

They've also told us before Christmas that we need to do the next two videos and paperwork done before Easter. These next two should be a little more fun as I have more choice in what topics we pick from either Health, Education or Society. There's also 'the workplace' but as I don't work with deaf people that topic is not one I can do.

I'm feeling reasonably happy with this coming term (I think! lol!)