January 25th, 2009

Blue Red

Nearly finished!

So I'm not quite finished for tomorrow morning!

I have worked my socks off all this week - and from henceforth I do solemnly swear that I will not think that the next piece of work will only take me 2 days to do 'cos that's just not true! - Lesson learnt!!!

I would imagine I will be finished for Tuesday evening - hopefully!!!

Anyway I had an evening off last night and I went to see Duke Special at the Leadmill in Sheffield.
What a fantastic voice he has. Can't say the same for the support but then supports can be good and they can be bad  and this one swung towards the bad end! There music was good, It was the lead singers voice that was dire! He sung in a deep deep croaky  whisper and the only words I could actually make out sounded like "oh oh oh you manky thing"  for those who don't know "manky" is a slang word which means unpleasant or unpleasantly dirty and disgusting. So imagine Tones on Tails with a bit of Verve and the deepness of Lee Marvin, then you get the idea!

The Duke was far better. His piano playing, dramatic presentation and the ever mental Chip Baileys percussion playing kept up all entertained. It was a really small venue - only about 200 people. It was like being in someone's house. He sang songs that he played while  old recordings from the 20's or 30's played on the record player on top of his piano and Chip played his stumpf fiddle! For the encore he had a piano in the middle of the audience and everyone around the piano sat on the floor so everyone could see.

Anyway here are some photographs.
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Blue Red

New random title!

I've been changing the title of my journal once a week and have been picking the first line of whatever randomly plays on my windows media player.

I think that this one is quite easy to guess! x