February 16th, 2009

Blue Red

Half Term week

It's half term week this week so I've no college today  - so I'm here on LJ instead!

I've still not found a subject to sign about next week. I'm determined that by the end of today I will have made a decision! I keep investigating things and then finding there either isn't enough information for a 10 min talk or that the vocabulary range isn't difficult enough as we have to show that we have done our own research into looking for new signs that are deeper or more technical.

I finally have a very tidy living room, kitchen, toilet and hallway now though! I've done a good spring clean and I feel a lot better for it looking good! I've still got to start my tip of a bedroom and I know I'll feel better when I've got it sorted. My Bathroom is tiny so it only takes a short while to clean it!

I got a letter from the council on Friday telling me that they are doing some major work on the flats - they are changing the water pumps, so the water will be on and off all week this week in 4 hr intervals. They are supposed to be coming round and providing us with bottled water, but so far no sign of taps being empty or bottled water!

The snow on the pavements has just about disappeared this morning. At my mom's about 2 miles down the hill it's been gone for nearly 2 weeks!

I do love living above the snow line!

Yesterday Steve picked me up after church and we went for a drive further up the hill in the countryside and the snow at the side of the road was about 4 feet deep. we only got about 6 inches here but it was still fun. We took sandwiches and had a winter car picnic looking at the view - I just realised we sound like an old comedy couple sitting in the car eating sandwiches and drinking coffee looking at the view!

Tuesday evening last week my mom, sister (and boyfriend), brother and I (and Steve) went to my Uncle and Aunts 50th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely meal and it was good seeing various family members again. Some I hadn't seen for about 6 years.

Being Half Term week I've no youth group tomorrow either so that's a nice break too.

I've been suffering from the Labyrinthitis again this last week and a half and have had to increase my tablets again. But as of Saturday the headaches and dizziness has improved and the cloudy dreamy cotton wool head has cleared again. Because of this I didn't go to college last Monday as I really couldn't concentrate on watching what people were signing to me and I knew I was in no fit state to be filmed for my assessment so I took a week off.

On V. night Steve and I ate a lovely home made pizza and drank non-alcoholic wine -  We had booked to go to a Chinese restaurant but when we turned up they had forgot to tell us it was a set menu at twice the price! so we went home and had pizza. I know that may not sound exciting to any of you but as the last pizza I had was when I was in Oban in October pizza was a lovely meal!

 I realise I'm rambling but ah well!

What else - Oh I've had a letter for a craft fair at Easter. This one is usually my best craft fair of the year so I'm glad I've got offered a place again. I'll get my form sent back in the next couple of days.

Right I'll stop rambling and see if I've any water.

Luv ya all!

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