February 18th, 2009

Blue Red

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After my conversation with multred_a  on Monday evening I decided I needed to loose a bit of weight and do some walking.

So yesterday I decided to meet up with the local Tuesday morning walking group that meet across the road from my flat. They are a lovely friendly group and I used to go walking regularly with them until I had my op last year. I don't know why I never went back during the summer. Anyway this gang must all be aged over 65 so I'm the youngest by a few years. They are a fit bunch but just walk for an hour to an hour and a half.

So we started walking the same way I walked on Monday when it was freezing cold (I only did about half a mile on Monday before turning back!)  only yesterday morning it was like a spring morning. We walked down the hill towards the Rivelin valley and followed the lane that runs three quarters of the way down the hill. After about a mile the path forks and we took the steep uphill track back towards the top of the village. At the top we circled back down the hill to the starting point where tea and coffee was served. We walked about 3 miles.

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This morning I walked to Hillsborough to meet my friends for our Wednesday coffee shop signing practice. This is a walk of a mile and a half so the plan was to walk home again later but just as I started home my sister passed in the car and offered me a lift. As I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks I accepted and took the chance to catch up on news!!

In Hillsborough I weighed myself and have put on 1 stone and 7 pounds in the year since my op!!!  I've not going mad with food and still eat healthily but down to thinking 'oh i'll just have a bit of this!' and a few 'bits of this' eventually add up!!

Oh and I think I've decided on a topic for my next assessment thanks in part to melody_ami  I'm going to talk about a West Yorkshire Organisation called 'Music for the Deaf'. It seems an odd group as Deaf people obviously cant hear music, but it's run by Deaf people to help children to enjoy music through the vibrations of different instruments. They even have a Deaf orchestra! The kids seem to love it and their events seem well attended. They were featured on a news bulletin last week because they had just played a concert at the Albert Hall - Therefore it links to the media!! So this afternoon I've started working out what I'm going to say about them.

Tomorrow I've been invited to a film workshop with the Tuesday group of kids organised by Action For Stannington. I know nothing about it but they tell me they are really excited and want me to go with them!! I feel quite honoured that they have been asked me!