February 23rd, 2009

Blue Red


I'm feeling really ill today and then feeling really guilty for missing a second Monday off college! (I missed the one before holiday week too!) I've been gradually getting worse for a couple of weeks but I've finally had to give in and admit defeat today.

I've just dragged myself out of bed (it's now 1pm!) to have a look on here.

If anyone wants to ask what's up with me I'm happy to tell you - I'd just rather not go into details on here if you'd rather not know.

I'm going to get a drink and then decide whether to stay out of bed or get back in!
Toilet roll



Boiled bottled water does not make nice coffee!!

The work work of changing the water pumps that should have been done last week is being done today. Last week I was all prepared - I had my kettle filled, had a couple of pans filled etc, this week I wasn't prepared and when I went to make a drink at 9am the water was already off. They have sent me 4 large bottles of water and I just made my first hot drink with it! It was suppose to be off for up to four hours but its approaching 5 hours already!

Actually - as I'm typing I think I can hear my toilet tank filling up!