February 24th, 2009

Blue Red

Yay for pancake day!

It's Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake day) today!

So I attempted to make pancakes,
I realised that it must be 6 or 7 years since I had any pancakes and about 15 years since I last made myself any!

The batter was fine but my first attempt had too much fat in the pan so It came out as a really really really fatty stodge! (Which some people actually love but it was far too fatty for me!) The second one was better but I was scared that the fat was burning and was about to set on fire so I turned it over and it wasn't brown and I couldn't get it to go brown! I eat that one anyway :D The third one I started and then realised that the utensil I was using which was supposed to be heatproof was in fact melting! so I dumped that pancake, packed it trying and went and had something different for tea!

There's still some batter left so I might try again tomorrow!

I have a friend who whenever I went for tea at her house would always ask me what I wanted and I always used to ask for the same thing. She used to make the most beautiful meal with pancake on the bottom with a lamb mince stew in the middle and a pancake on the top! wonderful and pure heaven!