February 25th, 2009

Blue Red

Ash Wednesday!

Today is Ash Wednesday.

For Lent I have opened a new LJ account itsjustlent 
Anyone is welcome to read it, friend it, comment, ask questions, bring up points and encourage but I've made it separate so that I don't bore all my friends on here who are not interested in Christianity by talking about it every day! I've never kept a Lent journal before. I think it's quite a scary thought!

I'm feeling a bit better today. I'm out of bed! Actually I was only in bed on Monday. Yesterday I went to the docs and visited my mom (who lives around the corner from the docs). Then in the evening had the disastrous pancake making! I'm still concerned that I swallowed bits of plastic!!

So this morning 9am I went to church for the Ash Wednesday morning service. It is a service about asking for forgiveness and then the vicar places ashes in the sign of the cross on your forehead.

Later at 10.30 I met with the Wednesday coffee shop gang for a signing practice. I had a chance to check a few signs I was unsure about and signed to them about the subject I had chosen for my next assessment. I have chosen to talk about a Deaf organisation in Yorkshire called Music For The Deaf. I was worried when I first started looking into this group as obviously a lot of Deaf people can't see the point of music whereas some Deaf people love music which they feel through vibrations. I have a Deaf friend who loves discos because he says he loves to feel the beat!

I had to be back for 12 as I was expecting a council worker to change my hot water thermostat. This is a continuation of the main water pumps being changed on Monday. The Thermostats are now about 20 years old and are in need of changing. The man came and it took him about 4 mins to do the work!

1pm I watched 'See Hear' which is a signed programme for the Deaf. A friend had told me that there was going to be a tribute to Tony Hart and his work on Deaf children's shows in the 1970's. It was really interesting and useful for future assessments. The last item on the show was an article about Music for the Deaf! So I managed to pick up a few more important signs for my assessment too!!

I'm now going to go and have a practice and a cup of coffee and see how well I can sign the info.