March 9th, 2009

Blue Red


I've had a fun week this last week but I've been in a strange mood really and have not been in the mood for writing here. I've been reading and enjoying everyone's posts and apologise if I've not been commenting much either.

I went walking with the Tuesday ladies again last week and I'm still crafting with the kids on Tuesday afternoon. I'm still meeting with the girls at the coffee shop on Wednesday morning for signing practice.

My best friend has just split up with her hubby after 35 years and so I've started going out on Friday nights with her to one of the little pubs in the village. It's a great pub for redheaded men! I think they have a policy for only employing ginger barstaff! All my friends are amazed at how many redheads you can get in one pub at the same time. They range from 19ish to 50ish. During uni holidays when some of the students come home there can be 10 in a pub of 25 people!  There are always at least 3 in at once.

It's my little bit of ginger heaven! and as I always say theres nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping as long as I don't buy!

College didn't go so well today. I've been changed to the tutor I'm not so keen on as most of his students have stopped coming for one reason or another. I filmed my evidence and I knew I wasn't happy with it. I felt that I hadn't given enough information about the topic. He had a look and said that the information was actually good but that I need to film it again as the main problem was that my partner hadn't took turns in the conversation. I had just delivered information and I should have asked her more questions and she should have said more. I also had a wrong facial expression with one sign and one wrong sign. When I told Steve later he said that he thought it sounded as though he was nit-picking but I said that at this level they have to nit-pick! So... no paperwork to start this week and I get another week to practice.

Steve's still been ill so I've not seen him this weekend either. I'm missing him now. We do talk on the phone several times a day every day though!