April 21st, 2009

Blue Red

Its a long post but I've got lots to say!

Hi I’m back and posting for the first time in ages!!!  

Firstly I’m in the new flat and settling in nicely,

It has a small outdoor bit (about 15 x 8 feet) where I can sit and can put plants etc.

It has a large porch/small conservatory where you walk in the door. I bought two lovely modern breakfast chairs cheap at a car boot on Sunday morning for £5 so I’ve been having my breakfast and my morning coffee in there for the last couple of mornings.

The room is not quite as big as my old flat but faces south so I get a lot of sun. The decorating is well done but not my taste – it’s ok for now. I’ve got my settee and dining table with two chairs and my rug and other bits and bobs like my lava lamp etc.

The kitchen to the side is much bigger than my old one but is still old and is in need of modernising. I was straight on to the council to try to get it done quickly. They said it will get done on the backtrack programme but could be up to a year! I realised on moving in day that the worktops in the kitchen had been lowered for the previous tenant so my washer won’t fit! That’s in the process of being sorted too!

The bathroom has been modernised and is nicely decorated it’s a toilet and bath in one (I had a separate toilet and bathroom in my old flat). The airing cupboard is twice as big as my old one!

The large bedroom is slightly longer but also slightly narrower than my old one. Saturday evening Steve and I spent the whole evening trying the furniture in all sorts of different place and combinations only to go back to how we’d put it when we first put the furniture in the room! The walls are pink in both bedrooms! I have always really, really hated pink!!! But again it’s liveable with for now but I think they are going to be the first rooms to be decorated!

The smaller bedroom has the boxes in! But I am working on unpacking them and it has now gone down from a room full to half a room full!

I also have a HUGE storage cupboard that has stored ALL my craft stuff and tools and Christmas decorations and loads more!

I’ll post pictures when I get round to taking some!

Secondly college news – I had an appointment with the doc just before Easter and when I talked to her about needing a doctor’s note to defer she was lovely and we discussed about how we should word it. She also said that my Labyrinthitis would have been made worse by how anaemic I was (apparently in the old days I would have been admitted to hospital!).  So yesterday I took the note into college and had a talk to them. They were worried because me dropping out put them below the student finishing funding level so they were trying to find the best solution for them as well as me. It was decided that I would be automatically moved to the year below, they have three more classes this year and it’s up to me if I feel well enough to attend or not. Then again in September I can attend or not according to how I feel with the hope that I will be well enough by January 2010 to continue with my assessments. That way I can keep the two I have already taken without having to re-do them.

Unfortunately because the course is changing, if I need to wait until September 2010, I would have to go through all the re-application process again. So here’s really hoping I’m ok soon! I am hoping that moving out of the flat that sways every time it’s windy is going to help!

Thirdly – I’m going to be busy for this next week or so. Some of you may agree with me some of you may not but for the last 10 years I have been the local areas mobile phone mast protest organiser. Every couple of years the companies want to put more mobile phone antennas on the base station located on the top of the flats I lived in. Ten years ago they came along while I was stuck in hospital for ten weeks after having my operation and by the time I got home after 3 months they had announced the planning application, had the planning meeting and put up the base station with 3 transmitters on it. A year later they wanted to put up more. It went to planning and due to inexperience we lost the battle and they were put up too. Since then they have tried about every two years to put more up but we have been successful in getting them stopped for the past 8 years.

They are back again and wanting to call a meeting with local residents next week, (but they aren’t telling people about it then if people who are against it don’t know and don’t show up they can go back and say that they had no one against them!) So I have to organise to go around getting signatures, getting people to write letters saying they don’t want it and ask people to come to the meeting.

aimingtobefit  has always been wonderful with her research skills in finding me the bits of evidence I need for my arguments and I have always really appreciated everything she has done to help me in my protests.

I know I don’t live directly under them anymore but having only moved across the road I still have one pointing this way which I’m not happy about and I wouldn’t want anymore to turn up pointing my way! So I will still fight for this cause.

What else? Went to the youth group today but as it was really sunny they didn’t want to be indoors so they did a bit of craft stuff before going into the park. Oh yeah – the weathers been way over the average for this time of year it’s usually about 57f but is been 68 today and I’ve caught the sun on my shoulders! In April! We sometimes have snow in April and today it’s been 68!

Steve’s had an argument at work this lunch time and walked out! He’s been here all afternoon. We’ll have to see whether he goes back in the morning or not! I think he will because he’s one of the old reliable kind of workers. I think it will have given them all a shock that he walked off today ‘cos he just doesn’t do that!

I’ve been enjoying catching up on all my friend’s posts these last few days and have really missed you all. Still got several stories and several chapters of stories to catch up on but will get round to it all in the coming days.

Luv to you all x