May 9th, 2009

Blue Red

Bored Bored Bored!!!!

I'm bored of being stuck in the house!!!!

I've had a stomach upset that's completely wiped me off my feet and off the radar for the last 10 days!!! I'm still really shattered and weak and want to do loads of things and haven't got the energy and can't be bothered!! I thought it was going to be a 24 hour thing and then I'd be fine but I'm still recovering 10 days later.

I need some sunshine - can those of you who have got too much, send some my way please.
I need a holiday (but I need to feel better first!)

Enough of the frustrations!

I'm obviously getting better - I'm writing on here today for one thing.
actually, I did go out yesterday. I went to the Docs and then went to my moms for the afternoon. (forgot about that)

I'm looking forward to next Saturday night. I'm having my Eurovision/Housewarming party. I've got a few friends coming round and it should be a good laugh.

Crikey this post sounds like I'm in a right mood!!! I must give myself a swift kick up the backside and cheer up!

Luv to you all and I've enjoyed catching up on everyones posts x
Blue Red


Actually as I've spent the last few days relaxing I've read one of my books that was waiting to be read.

Ben Eltons' 'Past Mortem'

I've really enjoyed it. It was cleverly written and witty with a message running though it.

*laughs* as you can see, I'll never make it as a book reviewer!